Žurnalistické stáže

in Media, Journalism, and Thinking Skills


The internship program is tailored to the student’s individual interests and capabilities. The program focuses on identifying and applying the key principles in journalism as a springboard for both those students who want to be journalists and also for those students who simply want to know what good writing is (and why it is so), and more importantly, what good thinking is. We will explore, use and alalyze journalistic basics to gain a better understanding of the thought process of writing and communication.

Students get first-hand exposure in the production of the region’s premier English-language magazine publication, The New Presence ( and it’s chief sister publication Přítomnost ( magazines have deep historical roots, as part of the Stránský family publishing house, which pre-dates the founding of Czechoslovakia.



Based on agreed-to projects, all students will have the opportunity to explore key political, economic, social, and cultural issues shaping modern development, with an emphasis on the region.  Other issues are also explored, including the decline of written media, impact of internet on writing and communication, its future and its present role on the thinking process.

A special session is devoted to neurological aspects of decision-making, media, marketing the negaitve aspects of technology and social media.

Writing a piece does not necessarily have to be part of the student’s work, which can focus on analyzing essays, news and opinion pieces.  Those students who wish, can  embark on writing a piece/pieces for publication via strict timelines, either as single or group authors, on selected topics. These pieces will be reviewed and edited not only by TNP staff but also by other participants and discussed over in the round-table discussions.

The student can also focus on specifics such as building and planning a print publication, reporting skills, effective interviewing, writing structures, copy-editing, investigative journalism and journal writing analysis and critique.


Schedule and requirements:

Meetings are held once per week in the early evenings at Národní třída 11, with the internship staff for approximately one hour.  At the meetings, students submit reports on their work and assignments, which are then reviewed, and assignments for the next week are agreed to.  A discussion on a theme then follows. Students are expected to complete the assigned tasks/meet their goals for each meeting and are held to high standard in doing so. It is assumed that students will devote approximately 6 to 8 hours per week to duties regarding their individual projects/goals.



The program is directed by Martin Jan Stransky MDthe principal instructor.

Feedback from former interns

● I learned the most about the Czech Republic and the Czech population through this internship.

● My study abroad experience would not have been as rich without this. I was writing articles which forced me to stay up to date on current events in the Czech Republic and was also able to get access to high level government officials.

● I definitely learned a lot about how to think different and focus on audience.

● I really appreciated the independence. I was allowed to pick my own topic and research it. If you have some basic experience in journalism and are interested in gaining more, definitely do it.



The New Presence, Národní 9, Prague 1, 110 00.  Tel 222 075 600

Publishing Assistant and TNP Editor: Barbora Lateckova email: Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.

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